Gifts for the Coffee Lover!

It’s that time of year. You drew your sister-in-law Susan for Secret Santa and she already seems to have everything she needs. However, you know that she loves coffee, so we might be able to help. (Nate’s Coffee may receive a bit of proceeds if you click through this post.)

The obvious gift: Unique Coffees

The wonderful thing about coffee is that it is an agricultural product. For the best experience, it should be enjoyed as soon as possible. This means a coffee lover is always looking for new, fresh coffees to drink. Your friend or family member may have a couple bags they’ve held onto for sentimental reasons, but that shouldn’t stop you.

How to find the right coffee:

First, find out what they drink. Do they enjoy Latin American or Asian origin beans? Does dark or light roast trip their caffeine trigger? Do they blend their favorite grounds with store-bought brands to make them last longer, or is that just my father? Discover what they like about the coffee they drink and stick to that area.

It's complex.
Sweet • Spicy
15 per pound

There is no sense buying a pound of Kenya Grade AA for a guy who drinks Colombia every single day when a high-altitude Costa Rica is different without diverting from what he considers enjoyable.

“But Nate!” (it’s Trish, but go on), “how do I know what they are drinking?”

Great question! If you can’t go snooping around their kitchen cabinets, find out by paying them a compliment: you ask them for a recommendation. Crazy, right? A coffee lover will tell you what they like, with far more enthusiasm than you really need. Did they mention “Third Wave”? Aim for a lighter roast (like our El Salvador). Did the word “body” get thrown around? Go medium to dark roasts (hint: Nate’s Espresso Blend).

Would you rather leave the decision up to someone else? Give a coffee subscription box. 

Give the gift of fresh coffee and variety. Starting at just $33 for three months, you can send love in the form of fresh roasted coffee at weekly or monthly intervals without making any of the hard choices. We’ll even throw a note in the first box to let them know who was so thoughtful.

Don’t know if they need whole bean or ground? Drop us a note with their contact information when you check out, and we’ll reach out and take care of everything. Shipping is already included!

The Less Obvious Gift: Coffee Gear

Do you have a friend who is looking to get away from Kurig but still only wants to make one cup of coffee at a time?

Give them a Clever.

This is the easiest to use brewing method with the best, most consistent taste of any that we regularly sample. It’s easy to use (filter + coffee + hot water, 3 minutes, drip!), clean (compost or toss the used filter and rinse), and barely takes up counter space.

Clever Coffee Dripper  ($25 via Amazon)

The Clever brings together the best of immersion and drip brewing, bringing out the best tastes of both worlds without any of the sediment. It will work with most mugs and tumblers. Our production manager Ben even takes a Clever on camping trips!

(Your giftee will also need #4 filters, found here on Amazon: Melitta Cone Coffee Filters, White, No. 4, 100 count.)

Is your friend clinging to summer? Give them Cold Brew

The Kolab cold brew coffee filter fits in a standard Mason Jar, allowing you to make delicious cold brew anywhere. We recommend using our After Midnight dark roast blend for the smoothest and naturally sweet(est) result.

Kolab Cold Brew Coffee Maker (about $16 via Amazon)

Give them Nate’s Coffee swag! 

If your family member is all set up with coffee and coffee makers, help them show off their love of Nate’s with shirts, posters, mugs and stickers!


Gifts for the coffee lover in your life