Wait, wait, don’t tell me: did Nate’s Coffee change the Organic Guatemala?

Our Organic Guatemala roast is temporarily sourced from the Huehuetenago region (of Guatemala, of course)! This area has produced coffee since the 19th century. It’s north of our usual Ceylon farm, but we find taste profile to be close to the nutty, clean cup of our regular Organic Guatemala. Roaster Ben actually thinks it is cleaner! 

Sweet • Chocolaty
13 per pound

Need to know more??

Here are the notes from our importer Royal Coffee: 

This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Asociación de Desarrolla Integral Esperanza Toneca (ADIESTO), a producer association with 704 members of whom 150 are women who live within the communities of San Antonio Huista, Villalinda, Tajumulco, San José, Regadillos, Villanueva, Independencia, La Esperanza, Guantán, Vista Hermosa, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Casa Grande, Los Planes, Esquipulas, Ixmal, Pajal and El Coyegual in the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. (Guatemalan department = US state)

ADIESTO provides technical assistance for organic certification and the production of high quality coffee. ADIESTO’s goal is to minimize the environmental impact produced by the cultivation and processing of specialty coffee. 

This coffee comes to us certified organic, strictly hard bean (high altitude), Fair Trade and delicious. (We may have added that last certificate ourselves.) 

But, but… I want the old stuff back! 

For fans of our normal Guatemala, don’t worry! We are keeping tabs on the harvest in Guatemala (now through March!) and will order the Ceylon farm as soon as it is processed. Fingers crossed for a great harvest! 

Huehue Don’t Tenango Me!
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