The people (and roasters) behind the coffee.

Nathan Polly Nate's Coffee Owner and Master Roaster

Nathan Polly

Owner/Master Roaster

Nathan Polly is a born and bred Lexingtonian who has always had a passion for coffee. Even when he was younger he knew someday he would own his coffee business. With years of experience on his side he jumped into the field of roasting and created Nate’s Coffee. He is married to his best friend and biggest supporter Megan, and they recently welcomed their daughter Emmaline.

Trish Murphy

Trish Murphy

Bean Maven/Vice President

Trish aka the Bean Maven, is a perpetual student of coffee. Hailing from Des Moines, she came to the Bluegrass by way of the Patterson School of Diplomacy. Always excited to learn more about roasting and brewing, she was Nate’s first intern before becoming the first employee. Trish’s passions outside coffee include books and literacy, singing and watching all of the sports with her Diego.


Ben Rogers20160626_140904_HDR

Roaster with the Moster

Lifetime Kentucky resident and admirer, Ben started his coffee career at Lexington’s own North Lime Coffee & Donuts. The former bicycle mechanic, car salesman, and theater actor was taken by the warm embrace of the bean and is now under the apprenticeship of Master Roaster Nate. Ben is a graduate of Western Kentucky University, a frequent traveler, a niche automotive enthusiast, and an aspiring expatriate.

Big Blue Coffee Roaster

Big Blue

Roaster Extraordinaire

Big Blue is the hardest working member of our team, but he never seems to sweat, even at temperatures of 460 degrees F! Made in Turkey and assembled in Florida, Blue made a great journey to be the best small batch roaster in town. He loves roasting new coffees from all over the world and listening to basketball games on the radio.

Ol' Yeller Coffee Roaster

Ol’ Yellar

Roaster Emeritus

Ol’ Yellar is wise old roaster. He was born in Clearwater, FL but lived most of his life in Bellingham, WA before moving to Lexington, KY. He worked diligently to provide the best roast that he could. He wishes to someday be in a coffee shop window showing the world his wonder.