About our Coffees and How We Roast


Our core roasts

Lighter Roasts


Light to Medium

Like a delicious dried fig, this blend of El Salvador and Organic Colombia is sweet with the right amount of tart.

A light to medium roast, the Murph is a surprisingly palate-cleansing coffee.


Organic Guatemala


Juicy and bright, this lighter medium roast floods your mouth with notes of peanuts and semisweet chocolate. Sourced from the Huehuetenango department in western Guatemala, this clean coffee is Fair Trade and Organic. Pairs well with caramel apples.


Yo! Wake Up

Light to Medium

Bright and crisp, a light roast with hints of walnut and chocolate that carries fruity undertones as it cools. This blend of Mexico and Guatemala offers a clean cup to help you get moving in the morning!


Organic Colombia


Smooth and buttery, our Colombian offering is a medium roast with hints of caramel and chocolate that leaves a lingering sweetness. This organic coffee is sourced from family-owned farms in the Tolima region of Colombia.


Darker Roasts

Blue & White Charity Blend

Medium to dark

A medium-dark blend of Ethiopia and Latin American coffees with hints of chocolate-covered berries. At least $1 from each pound sold goes to a different charity every month.

Nate's Espresso Blend

MEDIUM to Dark

Four different types of coffee combine to make our signature blend. This dark roast was originally developed for espresso-based drinks, but many people prefer to brew it as a smooth, rich regular cup of coffee.

After Midnight

Dark roast

A smooth and savory blend of Guatemala and Mexico, this medium-dark roast was a delightful late night discovery. After Midnight pairs perfectly with desserts or sweet breakfast items.


Sumatra Mandheling

Dark roast

Earthy and roasty with a smooth creamy finish, our Sumatra Mandheling is a hearty dark roast from an island in Indonesia. This coffee has varietals of Bourbon, Catimor, and Typica and is naturally processed.

Decaf Sumatra

Dark roast decaf

This darker roasted decaf is decaffeinated through a water process and makes for a delicious brewed coffee or a creamy espresso. Enjoy a smooth, sweet and earthy coffee without all the caffeine.

Midnight Gold Cold Brew

Dark roast

Winner of the 2018 People’s Choice Cold Brew at the Lexington Cold Brew Festival, our Midnight Gold is a smooth, sweet and refreshing cup of cold coffee! Serve flat or as nitro.


How we roast it!

Light to Medium Roasts

Surprisingly full-flavored with no “roasty” taste, lighter roasts from Nate’s Coffee usually finish a little after the first “crack”.

As the temperature increase it tends to temporarily stabilize around 100°C (212oF), water within the bean begins to form steam and a pressure gradient is created within the bean. As more and more pressure builds the pressure ruptures the cells within the bean to create audible “pops” known as “first crack”.¹

Most of our light to medium roasts can be classified as “American” or “City” roasts: the beans are darker than tan, but not a super dark brown.

Medium to Dark Roasts

Bolder mouthfeel and a stronger aroma in Nate’s Medium to Dark coffees are the result of darker roasts. These coffees range from the very beginning of the second “crack” to a little bit beyond it.

Unlike the first crack which is mainly produced by the formation of steam, in this second crack, the pressure is caused by the formation of CO, CO2, NOx and various other gases. Like the 1st crack there there again is an increase in internal pressure and the beans begin taking on a shinny appearance due to the presence of coffee oils being pushed out to the surface.¹

These coffees fall between “City Plus” and “French” roast. However, even our darkest roasts are smooth, and lack the unpleasant bitter taste found in mass-produced coffees. 

Decaf Roast

Decaffeinated coffee can be any roast, ours is a medium/dark roasted water-processed Sumatra. 

¹ Chemical Changes During Roasting. coffeechemestry.com. 2016