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Crisp clean lime-like acidity with hints of honey, this coffee comes from the Cayaguanca farm in the Chalatenango region of El Salvador. The coffee is a strictly Catuai variety grown at an elevation 1273 meters above sea level.


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El Salvador Coffee is sup
El Salvador country outline with flag and light roast beans.

Origin: Cayaguanca Farm, Chalatenago, El Salvador
Varietal: Catuaí
Process: Fully Washed, natural fermentation
Roast: Medium Light
Tasting notes: Honey, citrus, super clean
Pair with: Hint of Lime chips, peaches, baklava

This coffee makes a surprisingly clean French Press and maintains its bright notes even with sugar and cream. Ever tried coffee with a lime wedge? This roast would pair great with any citrus.

Notes from Café Internacional:

(Cayaguanca Farm) is a property of twenty-eight hectares that were reforested in 2000 with fine wood species like mahogany, white mahogany, cedar. Of the total extension twenty hectares were planted with coffee. This plantation was established by Jorge Raul Rivera in the early 1990s after the civil war of El Salvador had ended. In 2010 it was burned by accident and all the coffee was lost. We are currently replanting the farm with several varietals. This property is one of our highest elevation and we believe it will produce some of the best coffees in El Salvador and the World.

El Salvador

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