Nate’s Espresso Blend


Four different types of coffee combine to make Nate’s Espresso Blend. This dark roast was originally developed for espresso-based drinks, but many people prefer to brew it as a smooth and rich regular cup of coffee.


Nate’s Espresso Blend can be brewed to perfection in any form: drip, espresso, french press, pour over, chocolate-covered, dry rub spice or Chemex. We call this our “Espresso Blend” even though it can be used with any brewing method because not all roasts create a great shot of espresso.


Via Start & Run a Coffee Bar

The best roast for an espresso is generally dark. The deep, rich flavor of a dark roast is more easily extracted in the short time that the grounds are in contact with the water. Of course, make sure the beans have not been over-roasted. A smell test works well: espresso should never smell burnt or charred. (p147)

Nate’s Espresso Blend has an earthy base of Sumatra, blended with Guatemala and Mexico to add brightness and sweetness. Indian coffee rounds out the coffee for balance and body. The India also adds a fattier body, which allows a barista to create a rich crema when pulled as an espresso shot. 

Nate's Espresso Blend in a french press with a chocolate cupcakeOrigin: Latin America, Asia, India
Process: Fully Washed & Natural
Roast: Medium Dark
Tasting notes: Balanced, Smooth
Pair with: Steamed Milk, Mocha, Cayanne

Find Nate’s Espresso Blend and a full espresso bar at Crank & Boom Ice Cream Lounge, Epping’s on Eastside, Main Cup in Cynthiana, and Nate’s Coffee Shop.


Read more about blended coffee on our blog: Kaffeeklatsch!



Weight1.15 lbs
Dimensions2.75 × 5.24 × 7 in

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