Our New Direct Farm Relationship

Two Birds Coffee
from Guatemala

Coffee farmers are the heart of this industry. When the opportunity came up to buy high-quality, organic, Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certified coffee directly from the family-run Two Birds Coffee, we jumped!

Started three generations ago by the family matriarch, today Two Birds Coffee is producing top-quality organic coffee. They even make their own natural, organic fertilizer. And by cutting out the middle man, this farm is able to pay their employees a living wage.

From Diego and Francisco:

Direct Trade relationships are the cornerstone of our business. We have the opportunity to hear feedback directly from the roasters who are buying our coffee. This helps us improve the cup and make sure that the customers who are drinking the coffee are satisfied.
The constant goal of increasing quality leads us to invest in the farm. Soil health and biodiversity are crucial for maintaining the ecosystem in the area and quality of the cup. Post-harvesting processing is also a major area of improvement for us.  Just last year we built a wet mill and drying house so that we can control all of the variables in the coffee chain.
Moreover, these relationships are crucial to our business because they give us the opportunity to invest in the people who work every day on our farm. Paying better wages, scholarships for school, and paying for employees to earn new certifications are some of the ways that Direct Trade relationships allow us to improve the quality of life at the farm and surrounding areas.
Try their coffee as our single-origin Organic Guatemala or as part of our Yo! Wake Up, After Midnight or Nate’s Espresso Blend!
Working with Two Birds Coffee!