The government stayed open long enough for Nate’s Coffee to sign a Small Business Administration loan. Now we can turn a 100 year old insurance office into a state-of-the-art coffee shop (read: a lot more plumbing and electricity).

Old Cheapside block and future home of Nate's Coffee Shop

Some folks have been asking why we don’t just do up the space ourselves. After all, Nate is a pretty handy guy, there are now six employees, and we have some incredibly useful family members.

However, Nate’s time better spent doing things only he can do. Plus, we knew that this project is bigger than we could accomplish on our own. For the landmark Nate’s Coffee shop, we want everything to be done correctly (especially the new power line we are going to need to run all the machines!). We’ve partnered with Anderson & Rodgers Construction to make sure our new coffee shop is beautiful, functional and done correctly.

In the meantime, since signing our lease Nate’s Coffee has:

  • Hired three new employees,
  • Launched coffee programs with Habibi’s Sweets & Pastries, Southern Plate Catering in Danville,
  • Advised, installed and trained full espresso bar set ups at The Main Cup in Cynthiana, Epping’s on Eastside, and the Kentucky Castle in Versailles, (and coming soon: Endless Summer Paddle & Coffee in Louisville!),
  • Held hundreds of meetings with local restaurants, contractors, nonprofits and more,
  • And roasted 17,602 pounds of coffee. 

Dark roast coffee freshly finishing

You’re welcome, Lexington.

Big shout out to Huntington National Bank for helping us through the process of closing the SBA loan.

Thank you all for your patience.

Let’s meet for coffee at our shop, soon.

Update on Nate’s Coffee Shop