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We want you to know what’s going on, and get to know our team better. You can follow these postings here, on Twitter (where we repost coffee news from all over), Facebook (where we also answer messages) and Instagram.

Drink More Coffee

More types, that is. We want to keep expanding our offerings, both by bringing beans in from new origin sources (fingers crossed for Cameroon or Yemen!) and experimenting with new blends and roasts.

Ship Orders Quicker

We want to get better at getting your coffee to you faster. We know you choose Nate’s Coffee because we offer freshly roasted coffee. No one wants to wait any longer than they have to now. This year we are focused on improving our order time.

Continue doing what we’d doing, but doing it better

There are always ways to improve a good thing. We want to improve our relationships with our clients, old and new. We welcome the challenges 2019 will bring, especially when we….

Open a Nate’s Coffee Shop

Yes! The whispers and signs and not so subtle Herald Leader articles are true. Nate’s Coffee is projected to open our shop at the 5/3 Pavilion in late February or early March. There are a lot of changes that need to take place to the property at 125 Cheapside to convert it from office space to a coffee shop. We’ll be posting some before, during and after photos to our social media.

What’s the hold up? We are waiting on the final paperwork from the government before we can really get our hands dirty! 


New Year’s Resolutions