Who knew that running a coffee shop would take so much more electricity than an insurance company?

Nate knew, of course. That is why we are running new electric lines to our shop!

breaking ground to add new electric lines for Nate's Coffee Shop downtown Lexington Kentucky

It’s a bit messy, but soon we will have power for our espresso machine, coffee brewer, milk fridges, ice maker, reach-in cooler, point of service machine, cold coffee fridge, and a laptop or two. Phew!

Don’t worry, they are working on the inside, too:

Nate's Coffee shop downtown under construction with bare studs and ladders.

They are currently running the water lines for the espresso machine, pitcher rinser, coffee brewer, hand sink, cold water dispenser, three compartment sink, dipper well and a whole new bathroom.

So when do we move in our shiny Astoria espresso machine? We are hoping later this month, but this much work takes time to do right. In the meantime, we have some awesome coffee available for free delivery around town, and you can always visit one of our great clients who server our coffee every day!

Making a Mess = Making Progress