Finding the little things in life to celebrate is our specialty here at Nate’s Coffee, and if caffeine can be included, even better. So, without adieu…

Today is National Chocolate Mousse Day!



What does that mean for you? Why, an awesome combination of frosty sweetness and energizing caffeine.

First off, what is a mousse? For you dessert newbies, chocolate mousse is a light mass consisting of whipped cream and beaten egg whites. You can add whatever you want for flavoring, so a mousse can be sweet or savory. However, we’re going to focus on a sweet, chocolate version of mousse.

We found an awesome recipe for the dessert here:

The real question for us at Nate’s Coffee, though, was which one of our coffees would pair well with this dessert, and the answer was…the Organic Columbia! It’s a coffee with chocolate and caramel notes, so it’ll compliment a chocolate mousse nicely.

Keep an eye out in May for another chocolate-coffee pairing, and learn some interesting facts about chocolate mousse here:


Chocolate and Coffee? Yes, Please! (Nat. Chocolate Mousse Day)