Today is North Lime Coffee & Donuts’ Day! Well, it’s at least their day to be appreciated by all of us here at Nate’s Coffee! Ever since North Lime opened in Lexington, we’ve been involved with them, so we’d be lying if we said North Lime wasn’t a big part of our lives.

Head over there today, enjoy a cup of Joe and one of North Lime’s awesome donuts (we recommend the Funkfetti. A celebratory donut for a celebratory week 😀 ), and don’t forget the selfie! Remember, we’ll be randomly picking a selfie at the end of Small Business Week for a free 3-month subscription to Nate’s Coffee!

We didn’t give you all the tag, yesterday, either. Our mistake! Use the tag #natescoffeeSBW so that we can find you all (for anyone who took their selfie yesterday, just add it on)!


Happy Small Business Week! – North Lime Coffee & Donuts