Happy Small Business Week – Epping’s on Eastside Reminder

Have you been enjoying the day at Epping’s on Eastside? If you have yet to go to the bakery, there’s still time!

Epping’s awesome bakery is open until 2:30pm, so make sure to try one of their amazing treats. From coffee cakes to fruit bars, from muffins to brownies, Epping’s has it all. And eclairs. Did we mention they have eclairs? Those are to die for!
And, even better, you get to enjoy free drip coffee with whatever dessert you order. How awesome is that?

While you’re enjoying your afternoon dessert, don’t forget to tag us in any cool photos you get there. The hashtag #natescoffeesbw could win you a free 3-month coffee subscription! Cutoff date for selfies is 5/11 @ 11:59PM.