Small Business Week Finale – Endless Summer

Small Business Week is already drawing to a close, but it’s not over just yet! We saved another deal to end the week on a great note, and we have Endless Summer Paddle Company to thank for that! 

For our final day of Small Business Week, we’re offering 15% off iced and hot Americanos at Endless Paddle! That’s something to wake up early for. We hear it’s going to rain sometime tomorrow in Louisville, so we’d highly suggest going out paddling with Endless Summer next Saturday. It’s going to be in the eighties! 

It’s the final day for photos, too! You have until the end of the day to get them in, and then on Monday we’ll announce our winner! 

——————————————————————————————————————-Snap a photo of yourself at one of our clients and use the hashtag #natescoffeesbw for the chance to win a free 3-month subscription of Nate’s Coffee! Cutoff date for selfies is 5/11 @ 11:59PM.