March 2016 Newsletter

Nate's Coffee

Introducing Fair Trade Rwanda

This hearty dark roast is herbal and spicy with toasty grain notes and a clean finish. Our Fair Trade Certified Rwanda is a seasonal coffee from the Karongi District in western Rwanda where it is sun-dried on raised beds. One pound (16oz.) bags are available at North Lime Coffee & Donuts locations and at

Fair Trade Rwanda

usacaresBlue & White Blend nonprofit partner of the month: USA Cares!

For every pound of Blue & White blend purchased this March, Nate’s Coffee will donate $1 to USA Cares! They are a national nonprofit based in Kentucky that provids post-9/11 military families with financial and advocacy support. This month you can get further involved with USA Cares by attending their American Proud Dinner in Louisville, KY! We’ll have freshly roasted bags at North Lime Coffee & Donuts locations, or order anytime at!

logo_unique-sheepThe Unique Sheep is featuring Nate’s Coffee! 

Nate’s Coffee is excited to be included in the Sip’n’Stitch yarn club from The Unique Sheep for the third year! This wonderful yarn dyeing company has a huge selection of vibrant colored yarns and theme-based craft clubs. You can order the Intore Luxe yarn inspired by Nate’s Fair Trade Rwanda now! More information at The Unique Sheep website!

Intore Luxe yarn inspired by Fair Trade Rwanda
®2016 Nate’s Coffee LLC, Lexington, KY
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