Lockbox Restaurant at 21C Museum & Hotel

Lockbox/21c Hotel Located in old national bank building

Modern Restaurant in 21c features Nate’s Coffee

Lockbox is committed to sourcing local, high-quality ingredients, now including Nate’s Coffee. Exec. Chef Jonathan Searle leads Lockbox in using thoughtful yet simple preparations and cooking techniques in a modern setting.

Designed by Deborah B. Partners, the space highlights features like marble floors and decorative plaster details. Communal tables in both the dining room and lounge provide opportunities for large groups to gather and meet new people.

The original vault, The Safe, provides an intimate setting for private dining of small groups up to 12. A separate bar services The Safe and a table just outside it seats 14 people.


Lockbox at 21C website

167 W Main St.
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 899-6860

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