General Questions

Where does your coffee come from?

We source our coffee from all over the world! We refer to this as its “country of origin”. We have coffee from Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Single Origin

If the name of a roast is the name of a country, then it is a “Single Origin” coffee. These roasts contain beans from the same country and aren’t blended with any other country’s beans. Single Origin coffee may be from one region in that country, such as our Sumatra, an island of Indonesia. It could also mean the beans are all from a single farm like our Organic Guatemala, which is grown at the Ceylon farm in San Miguel Pochuta, Guatemala.


If the name of the coffee does not contain a country’s name, then it is a blend. These roasts combine beans from different countries and regions to achieve a balanced taste. Our popular After Midnight and Yo Wake Up roasts are blends of Mexican and Guatemalan beans.

How much coffee do you roast?

When Nate started roasting coffee in 2012, he was roasting three ounces (3 oz) of beans at a time in a popcorn popper. Now we roast over 500 pounds of coffee a week! Our new coffee roaster “Big Blue” can roast up to 25 pounds of coffee at a time, so Nate’s Coffee is still considered a small batch roaster.

Didn’t you guys do a Kickstarter?

YES! We had a successful Kickstarter that helped us move into our new space! We went from doing five pounds at a time in 300 square feet to 15 pounds at a time in 1500 square feet!

To see the awesome people who helped us, check out our Wall of Fame

Where are you located?


Nate’s Coffee doesn’t have a traditional storefront, but we roast to order from the online store and either deliver or two-day ship! You can also find our coffees around town at North Lime Coffee & Donuts, Liquor Barns and Good Foods Co-op. More locations that carry Nate’s Coffee are listed on our locations page!

Roasting Facility & Tasting  Room

Our main production facility is about a half mile from Rupp Area near downtown Lexington. Nate’s Coffee’s roastery and tasting room is in a shared warehouse with Country Boys Brewing. Dual tours are in the works, so watch this space!

How do I brew Nate’s Coffee?

The best way to brew Nate’s Coffee is however you prefer the taste, but here is a good jumping off point:

  • Use 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water
  • Grind coffee on medium for regular drip coffee, course for French press, fine for pour over
  • Brew coffee as soon after grinding as possible for best taste
  • Delicious water makes delicious coffee
  • Drink coffee within a few weeks of roasting date for best flavor

How long have you been into coffee?

Nate has been dreaming of a life in coffee since middle school, and either serving or roasting coffee since 2001. His favorite roast is usually “whatever new coffee I’m working on at the moment.”

What’s the point of decaf coffee?

The number one comment we get when extolling the virtues of our Swiss Water Processed Decaf Sumatra is “Why?” Why do we work so hard to make sure our decaf coffee is as smooth and delicious as our fully-caffeinated roasts?

We want everyone to be able to enjoy high-quality coffee, even people who avoid caffeine as a medical or personal preference. While caffeine is a great way to perk up, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… or… um…. coffee. Why should those folks suffer through boring, bland cups of decaf when they are drinking coffee specifically for the taste and texture?

Enter the smooth and delicious Decaf Sumatra: tastes great, even late!

Coffee Subscription Questions

How often can I receive a coffee subscription?

We offer weekly, semimonthly and monthly options in three size and roast choices.

What is “Roaster’s Choice”?

“Roaster’s Choice” is the most adventurous subscription option: a different coffee each issue. We will send coffees that we are excited about, including pre-releases of new coffees! Detailed information about our coffees’ origins will be included with each issue.

How much is subscription shipping?

Shipping and delivery are included in the subscription price and there are never any hidden fees.

When will I receive my coffee subscription?

No matter what day your order your subscription package, it will be shipped in a uniform time:

  • Monthly issues are sent the fourth week of the month.
  • Semimonthly issues are sent the second and fourth weeks of the month.
  • Weekly issues are sent on Fridays.
How do I unsubscribe from my coffee subscription?

You can cancel your coffee subscription anytime on our Unsubscribe page or through your PayPal account.  You will still receive any coffee issue for which you have already paid.

Want more information? Visit our “How we roast” page! About our Coffees and How We Roast