Every few months, a story makes the rounds that  “a ‘new study’ shows drinking coffee black could be a sign that you are psychopath!” Should you be worried that drinking Nate’s Coffee without cream or sugar makes you anti-social?

Not. So. Fast.

Let’s have a look at the actual study.

First: the study came out in 2015. Three years old isn’t current news. I believe it was also widely reported on then, with similarly click-batey headlines.

Second: drinking coffee doesn’t cause a person to develop anti-social traits. According to this report, people who are already psychopaths may be predisposed to prefer “bitter” foods, which includes coffee in this study.

Third, and what should be most obvious to our fans: Nate’s Coffee is not bitter.

If I had a dollar for every person who told us that Nate’s was the only coffee they could drink without cream or sugar, I would have several dollars.

Our smooth, clean finish is a trademark of every roast, so you can drink Nate’s Coffee with no worries.

Drinking Nate’s Coffee without Cream or Sugar does NOT make you a psychopath