Nate’s Coffee is back in Kenwick at Coles 735 Main!

What do you get when two Lexingtonians bring their excellent products together? You get Nate’s Coffee served at Coles 735 Main! Now available in drip and as espresso.

COLES 735 MAIN features a menu full of local inspiration and world-class fare; every dish is hand crafted like a fine piece of art. Lexington-born Executive Chef Cole Arimes showcases reinvented American classics, global flavors, and eclectic artisan dishes.

Set in a tastefully restored historic Lexington landmark, the restaurant radiates a heart-warming and relaxing atmosphere – ideal for romantic fine dining or spirited get-togethers at the inviting indoor bar and outdoor gazebo. The distinctive provençal decor serves as the colorful backdrop to the ever-changing menu.

Coles 735 Main website

735 East Main Street
Lexington, KY 40502