Organic Colombia


Smooth and buttery, our Organic Colombian Coffee is a medium roast with hints of caramel and chocolate that leaves a lingering sweetness. This organic coffee is sourced from family-owned farms in the Tolima region of Colombia. It pairs well with chocolate chip cookies.



Colombia Tolima Fair Trade Organic coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around Asemprogrope, an organization operating within the municipality of Planadas in the department of Tolima, Colombia. On average, each producer cultivates coffee on 1.5 hectares of land and relies on the income from coffee production for a living. The current president of Asemprogrope is a woman focused on improving the participation of women in the organization, which currently boasts a board of directors with 50 per cent of the positions held by women.

Colombian coat of arms with Colombian coffee in the flag

Origin: Planadas, Tolima, Colombia
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and Typica
Process: Fully Washed and dried in the sun
Roast: Medium
Tasting notes: Chocolate, carmel, sweet
Pair with: Mocha, chocolate chip cookies, salted-caramel


This coffee is also used in our Murph Blend.

Available in person at Nate’s Coffee Shop and Good Foods Co-Op.

Weight1.15 lbs
Dimensions2.75 × 5.24 × 7 in