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Crank & Boom Ice Cream & Coffee

Nestled in the Pepper Campus in the Lexington Distillery District, Crank & Boom not only cranks out incredible ice cream, but exquisite espresso drinks featuring Nate’s Coffee! They also have the “Crank & Boom Blend” dark roast on drip and available in whole bean.

Get a coffee float with the cold brew or just a hot latte to fight off the dreaded “brain freeze”!

You can also get spiked coffee drinks and Cocktails! Their Kentucky Coffee, Irish Coffee, and Stout Dreams all include Nate’s Coffee and Espresso.

They have a great loft as well! The entire shop has a great atmosphere, but there’s something about the loft that we really love. There’s even a photo booth! You can get your Nate’s drink and ice cream and take photos in the booth with your friends!

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1210 Manchester Street
Lexington, KY 40504

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